Le Havre on TV
Alien Crystal Palace
By Arielle Dombasle 2019

Duration 1h37min   With Arielle Dombasle, Nicolas Ker, Asia Argento


According to the Platonic myth reported by Aristophanes in The Banquet, humans were originally complete beings who were cut in half and were condemned to wander relentlessly in search of their missing part. A learned preacher, manipulator of souls impregnated with esotericism, seeks to recreate the ideal couple, "the androgynous", a man and a woman who would form only one: the perfect love. He seems to have spotted the new subjects of his experience: Dolores Rivers, underground filmmaker, and his mirror reversed, Nicolas Atlante, rock singer crazy and poisonous. But the devil will interfere ...

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Alien Crystal Palace shot in Le Havre

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