Le Havre on TV
By Fabrice Eboué 2021

Duration 1h27min   With Fabrice Eboué, Marina Foïs, Nicolas Lumbreras


Vincent and Sophie are butchers. Their business, like their couple, is in crisis. But their life will change dramatically the day Vincent accidentally kills a militant vegan who ransacked their shop... To get rid of the body, he makes a ham that his wife accidentally sells. Never had ham been so successful! The idea of ​​starting over could tickle them...

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Barbaque shot in Le Havre

Filming location of Barbaque in Le Havre

The plot of the film takes place in the "Boucherie Pascal" which is none other than the Boucherie-Charcuterie Danton, located Rue Casimir Delavigne à Le Havre.

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