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L'amour et les forêts
By Valérie Donzelli 2023

With Virginie Efira, Melvil Poupaud


When Blanche crossed paths with Greg, she thought she had found the one she was looking for. The ties that unite them were woven quickly, their history was written in anger. Blanche silences her apprehensions, moves away from her family, her twin sister, thinking of reinventing herself. And thread after thread, finds herself trapped by a possessive and dangerous man. A man she doesn't dare denounce out of shame, out of fear. Because the influence has only two possible outcomes. Either the victim collapses or breaks free...

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L'amour et les forêts shot in Le Havre

Filming location of L'amour et les forêts in Sainte-Adresse

Le 19 mai 2022, l'équipe du film était au Havre pour tourner une scène avec Virginie Efira dans une vieille Golf cabriolet à Sainte-Adresse.

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