Le Havre on TV
By Claude Bernard-Aubert 1970

Duration 1h25min   With Salvatore Adamo, Michel Constantin et Elisabeth Wiener


A diamond dealer commits suicide: his honesty was questioned by his partner who claimed not to have received his commission on a diamond case. His son Philippe, a young law student, attacks and corrects this singer. This is how the young man finds himself in jail, sharing the cell of two repeat criminals, specialized in the hold-ups. Philippe associates them with his project of revenge against this man responsible for the death of his father, and to whom, as soon as he leaves prison, he is more than anything to make him pay "slate".

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L'ardoise shot in Le Havre

Filming location of L'ardoise in Le Havre

At the end of the film for example, we can see a nice plan on the beach at boulevard Albert 1er. à Le Havre.

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