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La fée
By Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon et Bruno Romy 2011

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Duration 1h33min   Cast With Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy

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Dom is the night watchman in a small hotel in Le Havre. One evening, a woman arrives at the reception, without a suitcase, barefoot. Her name is Fiona. She tells Dom that she is a fairy and grants him three wishes. The next day, two wishes are granted and Fiona is missing. But Dom has fallen in love with the Fairy Fiona and wants to find her.

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La fée shot in Le Havre

Filming location of La fée in Le Havre

The sequence where the hero runs after his scooter was shot at the cross between rue Jean Macé and rue Saint-Jacques. à Le Havre.

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