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Le Havre
By Aki Kaurismäki 2010

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Duration 1h33min   Cast With André Wilms, Kati Outinen, Jean-Pierre Darroussin

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Marcel Marx, ex-writer and renowned bohemian, voluntarily exiled himself to the port city of Le Havre where his honorable but unpaid job as a shoe shiner gave him the feeling of being closer to the people by serving them. He has mourned his literary ambition and leads a satisfying life in the triangle formed by the local bistro, his job and his wife Arletty, when fate suddenly puts an immigrant child from black Africa in his path.

When at the same time, Arletty falls seriously ill and has to take to his bed, Marcel must once again fight against the cold wall of human indifference with his only weapons, his innate optimism and the stubborn solidarity of the inhabitants of his neighborhood. He confronts the blind mechanics of a Western rule of law, represented by the noose of the police which tightens more and more on the young refugee boy. It's time for Marcel to shine his shoes and show his teeth.

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Le Havre shot in Le Havre

Filming location of Le Havre in Le Havre

The scene where Idrissa (Blondin Miguel) asks if he is in London to Marcel Marx (André Wilms) who eats a sandwich was shot at Quai de l'Île. à Le Havre.

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