Le Havre on TV
By Mathieu Amalric 2010

Duration 1h51min   With Miranda Colclasure, Suzanne Ramsey, Linda Maracini


A successful Parisian television producer, Joachim had dropped everything - children, friends, enemies, loves and remorse - to start from scratch in America at the dawn of his forty years. He returns with a tour of “New Burlesque” strippers who he made fantasize about France… Paris!

From port to port, the humor of the numbers and the curves of the girls enthuse both men and women. And despite the impersonal hotels, their elevator music and the lack of money, the showgirls invent an extravagant world of fantasy, warmth and parties. But their dream of finishing the tour in apotheosis in Paris is shattered: the betrayal of an old "friend" causes Joachim to lose the room that was promised to them. A brief round trip to the capital is essential, which violently reopens the wounds of the past...

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Tournée shot in Le Havre

Filming location of Tournée in Le Havre

The night scene where Joachim Zand (Mathieu Amalric) and his friends return to the hotel was shot at quai Lamblardie. à Le Havre.

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